Application Design

Do you have a requirement so unique that you need it built from the ground up?  Or are you convinced that the software package for the task is so expensive that you could create your own for less?  Then you need design services to ensure that the technology you invest in can support your needs.

To ensure that the technology you invest in today can support your business information needs tomorrow, we'll use a tested, structured approach to helping you develop a set of clear IT objectives for your business.

We can help you become more productive and proactive in an increasingly competitive marketplace by executing the following application design methodology:

Select Development Tools & Infrastructure

We help choose the tools and infrastructure necessary to accomplish those tasks.

Database Design

At this stage, we outline the database design.

Form Design

Following the creation of the database, forms are designed for data entry and processing. Inquiries may be included if desired.

Report Design

Critical reports are also designed to ensure the required data is included.

Process Flow

Processes and calculations are documented, again to ensure required data is included and that the objectives of the application will be realized.

Design Document

Finally, all the pieces are put together into a design document suitable for a team of developers to begin actual programming.

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