dynamics sl (formerly Solomon)
Edition Project Management

With full integration to the Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) Financials, Project Management offers a comprehensive solution that brings together both accounting and project information into one seamless system. Project Management supports unlimited work breakdown structures and budgets, time and expense entry, complex allocations, unlimited billing formats, change order control, contract administration, local and Web-based project analysis, employee utilization/realization and proactive alerts and work flow.


From setting up projects at the outset, to making changes while work is in process, to generating invoices to clients, Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) Project Management makes it easy to adapt to your unique business needs and to your changing project requirements.

Ease of use

Date entry and presentation are intuitive and straightforward, making it easy for project managers and accountants alike to use the system. Screens feature at-a-glance views of critical information, with easy drilldowns from summary to specifics.


Project Management modules are integrated with financial modules, eliminating duplicate entry of the same data, reducing the risk of errors, and making the same data equally available to accountants and project managers to measure project performance.

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