Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon)

Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) gives you the flexibility to make e-Business a part of your everyday business. Key to this is the Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) Business Portal, a browser-based portal that connects all employees and business partners within an organization to the Solomon suite of business applications through a simple Internet connection.

Building The Backbone

Dynamics SL's (formerly Solomon) eFoundation initiative enables your business to process transactions and information more efficiently. It includes more than 50 tightly integrated software modules, organized into seven series that correspond to critical business functions.

Conducting e-Commerce

Designed to make it easy for your customers to buy your products and services over the Internet, the eStore initiative integrates our applications with your Web Site to create a great browser-based buying experience.

Connecting Businesses

We can help you connect with your business partners to increase transaction efficiency, by directly linking your computer systems and theirs. You'll enjoy streamlined ordering, invoice processing and other key transactions as a result.

Microsoft Business Solutions; Solomon; Web Order; eCommerce; Online Ordering

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