Production Management

Your company's overall goals may not always be aligned with individual departmental goals. In the past, lack of meaningful and timely information has contributed to these profit robbing conflicts. JAMS provides the information alignments needed to reduce these organizational inconsistencies.

Date Easily Entered, Easily Viewed

JAMS has been written utilizing Dynamics SL's (formerly Solomon) flexible screen management techniques and parameter-driven fields. These provide the end user with select ability and the flexibility in the tedious function of data entry. Production Orders can be generated quickly, with as little information as the assembly and quantity to be produced.

Select ability and flexibility is also evident in the way JAMS allows you to check your raw material availability using the Critical Materials feature before releasing your production order. Optionally, JAMS has the ability with its backflush feature to move material transactions from raw material directly to finished goods. Labor may also be backflushed individually or in combination with material.

Efficient Production Order Processing

Production Orders and the materials required for their fulfillment are traditionally released in a series of manual steps. JAMS can automate this function if desired. The Release Production Order function will allow you to release all or selected Production Orders and print the Production Ticket. Materials can then be released manually, or the Wizard will automatically present all materials needed by these orders.

Visual Utilization

From the Work Center Maintenance screen, Work Center Capacity can be established: by shift, crew size or machines. Efficiencies can also be set for each shift. As production orders are released, the Work Center utilization may be graphically displayed and compared to capacity. This utilization can be displayed for the day, week or month.

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