Capacity Requirements Planning

The JAMS Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) Module can help you:

  • Control plant capacity
  • Level production scheduling
  • Manage scheduling conflicts
  • Manage all work centers from a single screen
  • Increase sales and reduce inventory

With the CRP module, production once hampered by a lack of timely information is now a problem of the past. It provides information to balance the work that needs to be done with available resources.

Level Production Schedules

Demand for your products can rapidly increase or decrease based on the conditions of the market. Key customers can change orders at critical times. Communication needs to be accurate and timely among production, purchasing, and scheduling personnel. The JAMS CRP module is the key component that helps your master scheduler measure, react, and balance changes in the supply and demand for labor and machine capacity.

Flexibility In Setting Your Warning Threshold

The JAMS CRP module also allows you to adjust the warning threshold, which then alerts you to potential capacity issues related to production. Warning and Critical thresholds are user defined that monitor capacity in percentage and days late. Once these thresholds are set, the JAMS CRP module provides reports indicating when production orders could be late and Work Centers have capacity problems.

Solution To Your Bottlenecks

The CRP module provides you a complete list of what has to be manufactured and when it has to be shipped. This enables your master scheduler to have control over the production process. Changes in the scheduled dates and times help the master scheduler balance the shop load. Once changed, the scheduler can fine tune the work orders needed for efficient use of plant resources, giving the scheduler a real-time view of what resources are needed and which are available. With the JAMS Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module, the scheduler is assured that the inventory has been purchased and is scheduled to arrive on time.

Scheduling Workpad Makes It Easier

The scheduling Workpad screen is the heart of the JAMS CRP module. The scheduler can easily go to screens for Work Center Gantt, Work Center Capacity, or Production Order Gantt to view details and correct scheduling problems. If you are running the JAMS MRP module, Workpad will display MRP exception messages and all MRP planned orders.

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