Bill Of Materials/Routings

At the core of JAMS is the Bill of Materials (BOM) and Routings Module. This module not only creates production specifications, but is the framework for the planning functionality in other JAMS modules. Key to the design of this module is the ease of user maintenance for both the Work Center and BOM/Routing.

For example, you can establish and maintain multiple shifts within each Work Center by crew size or machines. Since each Work Center can have its own Shop Floor Calendar, you have a flexible way to establish both crew efficiencies and shift pay differentials at a specific Work Center.

Easy To Get Started

JAMS allows you to associate overhead and/or other costs directly to the work centers. Manufacturers that wish to utilize Activity Based Costing will find this a beneficial feature. Overhead costs may be established as either fixed, variable by quantity completed or variable by hour.

JAMS provides for the creation and tracking of Tools and Assembly Aids. These are non-inventory items that may be used in the production process. Some items may be considered as non-consumables and will not affect material costs associated with the assembly. In addition, tools or molds, which have a finite physical life, may have a portion of their cost allocated to the production cost of the component or assembly.

Powerful Cost Roll Up

With this feature, you can select by site, item, class or Bill of Material, the cost roll-up feature of JAMS. As costs are rolled up, they can update the pending standard costs of the item selected. You can review the effect of these cost roll-ups before final application.

Inquiry & Drill Downs

The Bill of Material/Routing feature is an integrated module which gives users more meaningful information and comprehensive reporting capabilities:

  • Engineering Change Notices for a specific BOM
  • Production Orders for specific Work Centers
  • Revision History
  • Work Center Usage
  • Quick Cost Summary

Drilldown capability allows equal access to all Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) and JAMS modules. Note Field capabilities, identical to those in Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon), give the user additional resources to annotate manufacturing documents.

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