JAAS Systems

Of the many challenges facing manufacturing organizations like yours, none is more critical than achieving balance among the many conflicting goals that exist.

As a manufacturer, you probably want to:

  • Increase sales and reduce inventory
  • Improve customer service and lower overhead
  • Increase production but cut costs

...while satisfying your operational personnel and providing sound financial information. JAMS - JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software - is the leverage you need.

JAMS was written to interface seamlessly with Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) Software's award-winning applications suite. JAMS uses both the financial and distribution modules of Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) to provide a comprehensive solution. By leveraging Dynamics SL's (formerly Solomon) flexible architecture, JAMS has created an environment that is easy to manage, yet powerful. JAMS readily provides the information needed by manufacturers to remain profitable in a changing marketplace.

JAMS is a series of application modules designed to provide real-time enterprise solutions for many different types of manufacturers.


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