Nasty New PDF Virus?

A new virus category was just made public. This flavor uses the Adobe PDF format, which up to now was regarded as safe. The virus is using the combination of Outlook and the full version of Adobe Acrobat (not just the Reader).

The worm hides VB code in the PDF file and propagates via the Outlook address list. In the proof of concept that was shown, the file will appear to be a game. The game contains an image of a peach (the fruit - a peach) hidden in a screenshot full of "peaches" of another kind. When you click on the peach, the virus is run and the VB code kicks in.

This virus is in its earliest stages. Please be very cautious if you are running the full Adobe product. The full Adobe product is the version that allows you to create PDF files. Check out the Adobe Web Site for a hotfix for your Acrobat application, or for more information regarding this particular virus click on the ITWorld article below:

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