Announcing Great Plains 8.0

Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains 8.0 adds rich functionality to one of the most powerful and proven business solutions available to mid-size businesses today. It's backed by years of award-winning service and a firm commitment to innovation and support—so you can rest assured your investment will continue to add value as your business changes and grows.

For more a more in-depth overview of the new functionality in Great Plains 8.0, download the attached PDF below:

Streamline Business Processes
Transform time-consuming processes into tasks that can be executed quickly and accurately. For example:
Reduce transaction entry steps and increase accuracy in Microsoft Great Plains General Ledger by copying, voiding, deleting, or correcting general ledger transactions with full audit control.

Streamline business processes with Great Plains 8.0

  Easily "correct" posted journal entries by  
  backing out the originating entry and making
  the necessary adjustments to a copy of the
  original entry, with full audit trail support.

Gain tight control over distribution and manufacturing processes
with a complete view of serial and lot numbers. Simply by entering an item's serial or lot number and initiating a trace, you'll know where and when the number appeared in bills of materials, customer orders, or any other transaction.

Work flexibly with manufacturing bills of materials (BOMs) by using an intuitive, graphical BOM that lets you update entries, edit revision levels, save revision histories, and change BOM categories—for example, from Phantom to Regular—at any time.
Improve Visibility

Microsoft Great Plains 8.0 makes it easier to locate information and share it across your organization. For example:
Export Microsoft Business Solutions reports to Microsoft Office Excel pivot tables with just a few clicks, enhancing understanding of key business information and reducing the labor required to create these tables and charts.
Quickly and easily load Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics–FRx report data into an Excel PivotChart for graphical data support.
Gauge business conditions precisely and make better informed decisions with more useful queries—including Stock Card Inquiry,
Cradle to Grave Serial/Lot Tracking, Order Status Change History, Cumulative Availability to Promise, "Point in Time" Historical Checkbook Balance Inquiry, and other process-specific improvements.
Enhance Usability

Microsoft Great Plains 8.0 captures the look of Microsoft Office Outlook—part of the widely-familiar Microsoft Office family of products. It offers list-based navigation and streamlined menus that provide everyone in your organization with an intuitive interface. And Microsoft Business Solutions Business Portal can deliver personalized information to everyone's desktop for easy access.

Boost productivity and minimize training costs with an intuitive interface. Whether your employees are working in Microsoft Great Plains or Microsoft Office, they'll have a seamless user experience.

Enhance usability with Great Plains 8.0

  See how list-based navigation, an intuitive
  interface and quick links to jump-start
  specific tasks can help improve efficiency.
  Free employees from tedious record
and simplify tasks with list-based
  navigation. For example, a user can create
  and save a list of customers, locate a
  customer record from the list, and then select a task specific to that record—such as entering an order, changing an address, or reviewing a past order.
Provide employees with an interface that's tailored to their roles, with simplified navigation that shows buttons and paths only to those modules an employee is authorized to use.
Empower users throughout the organization with easy Web-based access to the specific business information and processes each user needs—right on their desktops. Microsoft Business Portal now offers modules for online requisition management, project time and expense entry and approval, and electronic delivery of sales documents to customers.

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