coalition Computing Named a Microsoft Business Solutions Developer

WICHITA, Kan. - November 18, 2002 - Coalition Computing Corporation, a leading business solutions provider for emerging small- to medium-sized companies in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri—announced today that it has been named a Microsoft Business Solutions developer for its FlexAbility data collection software solution.

FlexAbility was developed by Coalition Computing as a result of an emerging need for manufacturers, distributors and warehouse operations to automate specific shop floor transactions using wireless communications and bar code technologies. Built from the ground up using Microsoft technologies, FlexAbility is a customizable, automated data collection solution that improves inventory accuracy from receiving and labeling through to picking and shipment. The end result is an efficient shop floor operation that allows businesses to optimize productivity, reduce costs, tighten controls, minimize errors and improve overall customer service.

A partner with Microsoft Business Solutions (formerly Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions) since 1996, FlexAbility was written to seamlessly integrate into the Microsoft Business Solutions Solomon IV Edition with future development plans for the Great Plains Editions.

“Because no two businesses are alike and operations differ immensely, we focused our development efforts on designing a data collection solution that could be customized and tailored to match specific business rules and processes”, said Jim Johnson, President of Coalition Computing. “The flexible architecture of FlexAbility allows us to help our customers do business the way they want to, as opposed to them changing their business rules to fit the constraints of the software.”

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